First Day at the Farmers Market

IMG_4626The big day is here – first sale day at the Elgin Farmers Market.  We got an early start, loading ice chests and boxes before 7:00am.  With the cooler weather, thankfully some of the bulky cabbages and lettuces were fine in simple cardboard boxes for the short 20 minute drive to downtown Elgin.

We loaded the truck with tables, chairs, the canopy and ice chests, along with assorted baskets.



IMG_4621 IMG_4627

We arrived at the market about 8:15 and starting setting up the tables and canopy and experimenting with ways of best presenting the produce for sale.

IMG_4629 IMG_4631

Right about 9:00am, the team is ready as the market opens.  We anxiously wait to see if anyone will actually buy what we’ve been growing these several months.

IMG_4634 IMG_4636


First sale!  Our first customer bought several items and we had a great chat with a new friend.   Overall, we had about 20 different customers and sold a lot of what we brought.  A great start we are all pleased with.  Looking forward to next week already!



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