Peak Harvest

IMG_4642It’s the middle of May and the garden is in full production.  The cool weather crops are peaking while the warm weather varieties are starting to ripen.

Along with the lettuces, cabbages, and carrots we’ve had the past several weeks, this week we also have big, beautiful, delicious broccoli!  We sold out at the market and hope to have plenty the next several weeks as long as the weather doesn’t get too hot.

Squash is getting ripe, so we brought a few zucchini and yellow squash and sold out of them pretty quickly.  Looking forward to much more squash in the weeks to come.

IMG_4645  IMG_4647

This was our best week yet at the market and we are grateful for the friends and repeat customers we’re getting more familiar with each week.

IMG_4646  IMG_4648

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