Grass Fed Beef – Discount 10 & 15 Pound Packs

*update July 29, 2014, we are sold out of these packs.  Stay tuned for more news on available grass fed beef*

We just got back new beef from our most recent calf and have a limited supply of ‘freezer-friendly’ packs of 100% grass fed beef that can be delivered in the greater Austin area.  These all natural beef packages include a variety of cuts plus ground beef. You have a choice of a steak pack and/or a roast pack.  Together, the two packs provide a convenient and cost effective sample of many of the typical beef cuts.

The steak pack is 10 pounds and the roast pack is 15 pounds.  Each is priced at $100, a 15% discount from our regular retail prices.  Both packs together are 25 pounds for $200 or $8/lb.  $8 is roughly the price of a pound of grass fed ground beef at supermarkets but for this price you get higher quality cuts than simply ground beef.  And you know our cattle are always 100% grass fed with no grain ever fed, nor any hormones, antibiotics, or implants. All beef is state inspected and vacuum sealed.  It should keep in your freezer for many months.

Here are the cuts you’ll receive with approximate weights of each.  We’ll make sure that every pack equals or exceeds the stated total weight.

Steak Pack:
1 package Fajita/Skirt/Flank Steak        0.8 lb
1 Sirloin Steak                                             2.1 lb
2 New York Strip Steaks                           1.1 lb
2 Tenderloin Steaks                                   0.5 lb
1 Ribeye Steak                                            0.8 lb
Total cuts weight = 5 to 6 lb
Add 4 or 5 pounds Ground Beef to bring total weight to 10 lb.

Roast Pack:
1 package Stew Meat                                 1.0 lb
1 Chuck Roast or Rump Roast                  3.0 lb
1 package Meaty Soup Bones*                  2.5 lb
1 package Tenderized Cutlets*                 1.0 lb
Total cuts weight = 7 to 8 lb
Add 7 or 8 pounds Ground Beef to bring total weight to 15 lb.

Contact us if you’re interested and we’ll reserve your order and work out a mutually convenient time and place for delivery in the greater Austin area.

*Several have asked about the soup bones and cutlets.  The soup bone packages have much more meat than bone.  All the meat is kept on the bones and they are sliced about an inch thick.  They fit easily into a stew pot or crock pot.  Each package has several cuts.  Cutlets are tenderized round steak suitable for chicken fried steak, slicing for stir fry, etc.  Here’s a photo of the front and back of both these packages.  (Soup bones on left, cutlets on right)Soup_Cutlets

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