“Choose Grass Fed Beef” Consumer Reports Says

Consumer Reports magazine has a great article on beef in their October 2015 issue .  They compare grass fed and conventional beef, focusing on the safety of ground meat.  Grass fed comes out on top in all categories measured.  Their director for Food Safety concludes:

“There’s no way to tell by looking at a package of meat or smelling it whether it has harmful bacteria or not,” says Urvashi Rangan, Ph.D., executive director of the Center for Food Safety and Sustainability at Consumer Reports.

“We suggest that you choose what’s labeled ‘grass-fed organic beef’ whenever you can,” Rangan says. Aside from the animal welfare and environmental benefits, grass-fed cattle also need fewer antibiotics or other drugs to treat disease, and organic standards and many verified grass-fed label programs prohibit anti­biotics. Sustainably raised beef does cost more but it’s the safest—and most humane—way for Americans to enjoy our beloved burgers . . .

Summer Grazing at Blessing Falls Farm

Summer Grazing at Blessing Falls Farm

None of the beef they tested was from a farm like ours – family operated, where our gently raised cattle never receive any grain, drugs, implants, hormones, antibiotics, or vaccines.  Our cattle are 100% non-medicated and live their entire lives on natural pasture.

They’ve never been to an auction or feed lot so they never mingle with conventionally raised/fed cattle that may be diseased or drugged.  And we have them processed at a local, family owned, highly experienced, state-inspected facility that handles less than 50 cattle a week, with the animals spending less than 4 hours at the facility.  The article mentions that over 80% of the US beef supply is processed in huge factories where more than 400 are processed every hour!

So our beef should show absolutely no antibiotic-resistant bacteria and be among the safest beef on the planet.  With the wonderful taste and complete nutrition of all natural grass fed beef included, of course!

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