Austin Fall CSA – Week 5

Here’s our expected harvest for week 5 of the Fall CSA season

Full Share: Mizuna or kale, Sweet potato leaves, 2 portions Summer Squash, 2 portions winter squash, Melon, Eggplant, 2 portions Pea shoots, Wheatgrass, Sunflower sprouts, Cucumbers, Basil, Garlic

Half Share: Mizuna or kale, Sweet potato leaves, 2 portions Summer squash, winter squash, 2 portions Pea shoots, Sunflower sprouts, Cucumbers, Basil, Garlic

Fall Season CSA Week 5 - Full Share from Blessing Falls Farm

Fall Season CSA Week 5 – Full Share from Blessing Falls Farm

You may receive Mizuna in your share this week. If you’re not familiar with this green here’s a bit of info for you.


One of the mildest mustard greens, mizuna—often found in mesclun mixes—is high in immune-boosting vitamin C, folate, and iron. It also contains powerful glucosinolates—antioxidants linked to decreased cancer risk, says Tanya Zuckerbrot, RD, author of The F-Factor Diet. Cultivated in Japan since ancient times, mizuna brings an exotic, slightly spicy flavor to the table. (source)

Mizuna is more mild than arugula and can be added to fresh salads, stir fried, or simply roasted with olive oil and salt.

Acorn squash has been my favorite squash since my childhood. I used to beg my mom to buy me one at the grocery store whenever they were in season. I’ve always thought that the delicious flavors of this squash were best enhanced with only a little butter and salt. After cutting the squash in half and removing the seeds you can steam them in the microwave or roast them in the oven. Half of a squash makes a wonderful lunch or side for dinner.  I always enjoyed having my own half squash to dress and eat right out of the skin. I hope you enjoy the beautiful heirloom variety that we’ve grown for you!

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