Austin 2016 Fall Farm Share/CSA – Week 2

We’re enjoying another (final?) blast of summer weather in late September this week here in central Texas.  This unseasonable taste of August is setting back our plans for cool-season greens.  We’re preparing to plant as soon as the hot weather breaks. Earlier attempts simply scorched and withered as soon as they germinated.  Meanwhile, the grasshoppers are thriving with the hot weather and we’ve had some damage from them.  These are the challenges of summer gardening in Texas which make every year very interesting!  We had hoped to be past them by now, but we have to adjust and take what comes.  We appreciate our members’ support and hope you enjoy this week’s harvest.

Here’s our expected harvest this week, though shares may vary:

Full Share: Melon or pumpkin, Tomatoes, Eggplant or extra Winter Squash, Malabar spinach, Squash, Winter squash, Cucumbers, Okra, Basil, Peppers, Black eyed peas (double portion), Onions, Sunflower Sprouts

Half Share: Squash, Cucumbers, Okra, Basil, Peppers, Black eyed peas, Onions, Sunflower Sprouts

See last week’s post for a photo – the harvest hasn’t changed much

For a recipe idea, Sunflower sprouts are a delicious topping for almost any dish. You can dress up salad, pasta and pizza with these nutritious little sprouts!

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