Fall Harvest, Spring Expansion, Bulk Beef, and Holiday Turkeys
Blessing Falls Farm News - October 2014

Michael, Emily, and Lily

After a hot and dry summer, we've been blessed with abundant fall rains.  Much of the fall garden planting is complete with squash and cabbage ready for harvest.  We're still harvesting okra and squash from our summer plot.  Looking forward to broccoli, cauliflower, lettuces and greens soon.  We're supplying a limited number of CSA shares and also selling through the Elgin Local Goods Store.  Check the store regularly for our produce, beef, and eggs.  We resupply the store regularly and will update our public Facebook page with details each week.

Thanks to those who ordered grass fed beef recently - both the steak and roast packages in the summer and the bulk purchase of half a calf more recently.  We also have plenty of ground steak available now.  It's at the Elgin store and you can also get it direct at the farm.  Save $1 per pound when you buy at least 5 pounds direct from the farm.  We'll soon have details on the 2015 beef available to be sold as a half or whole calf.  Reply if you're interested and we'll make sure you get first shot at reserving for 2015 before publishing to the public.

Work continues on the new acre for our spring expansion.  A second tilling to reduce the grass/weeds and soil testing are complete.  We'll soon amend the soil with all natural organic materials and plant the winter cover crop.  Extending water lines for irrigation and fencing the plot from hog and deer will keep us busy through the winter.

Finally, we're about ready to see how our turkey raising experiment has worked.  We'll process one this week and smoke and roast it.  If the meat is good, we have several more for family and friends to process and cook for the coming holidays.  We're not ready to sell to the general public this year.  If the meat is good, we hope to raise more next year and take orders for 2015 holiday turkeys.

Hope you're enjoying the cooler weather.  Check our website and follow us on Facebook to keep up with the latest farm news and updates.