More Grazing and Garden Next Year
Blessing Falls Farm News - December 2014

Planting and harvest are ongoing here on the farm but has slowed down quite a bit with the short, cool days.  We're still very busy expanding for next year.   We've had several acres of overgrown brushy pasture cleared.  The photo shows the dramatic difference.  We hired a company that mulches brush and small trees with a very powerful machine.  The soil is not disturbed and there are no huge piles of debris to burn as there would be when a bulldozer is used to clear.  The wood chips will build the soil as they decay.  Hopefully we'll have several more acres of grazing over the next couple of years as grass covers these places that were choked with severe brush.

We're working on the garden expansion as well.  Water lines and fences are being extended and new tools have been ordered.  We'll have a mulch layer for the tractor as well as seeding and transplanting tools.  With almost an acre planned for spring and summer, these tools are needed so we can keep pace with the growing season.

We continue to harvest and deliver to customers in the greater Austin area.  We plan to continue these deliveries with many new customers in the spring.  Contact us if you'd like to sign up. Those who pay for the whole season in advance receive a discount and your pre-payment helps fund the tools, seed, and fertilizer we need for the new season.

We are also taking orders for grass fed beef to be ready in 2015.  Most of our beef has already been reserved so let us know soon if you would like to reserve a half a calf for next year.

Thank you all for your support in 2014.  We look forward to serving you again next year.  We hope you enjoy a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year with friends and family. Until next time, remember to check our website and follow us on Facebook to keep up with the latest farm news and updates.


Home Delivery of Farm Produce in Austin, Round Rock, Hutto, Elgin

We're delivering farm fresh vegetables to homes in Elgin, Manor, North Austin, Round Rock, Hutto, and Taylor.  Deliveries are Wednesday afternoons between 1:00 and 5:00.  You do NOT need to be home for the delivery.  Just leave a medium size ice chest out and we'll drop by sometime Wednesday afternoon and fill it with fresh, organically grown vegetables from our family farm. …

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Our grass fed cattle graze during winter. During growing season, we're careful to reserve enough grass so they rarely need hay.

Reserve Your Grass Fed Beef for 2015

We're now accepting orders for 2015's all-natural 100% grass fed beef.  We expect our calves to be ready for processing in May through July. Whole or half calves are available at $4.65 a pound, based on hanging weight, plus processing costs.  We'll deliver your calf to a long established, locally owned butcher shop, where it will be custom processed for convenient customer pick-up in Hutto, near Round Rock …

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