Blessing Falls Farm News - May 2015

We're in week 7 of our Spring season, busy delivering produce today to some of our CSA members.  The other members receive their shares Saturdays. Summer vegetables are starting to ripen.  This week we had our first cucumbers and green beans to go along with summer squash and zucchini we've had recently.  Looking forward to tomatoes, peppers, and melons soon.  We still have a few shares available for any others who wish to join.  Click here or just reply to this newsletter and we'll help you out.

We got that large new flock of young laying hens a couple weeks ago.  They're settling in nicely and should be laying very soon.  We're excited to start taking orders for these eggs. Many of you have wanted a steady supply of our eggs and we've been unable to deliver.  Right now some of these new eggs are still available for reservation so let us know soon if you're interested.  We'll supply these weekly as we do with the produce shares - either delivery or you can meet us and pick them up.  You can add them to your produce order or just get the eggs.

Likewise, we're making our grass fed beef available for weekly delivery.  This is our 1 pound packages of 'ground steak'.  Super healthy and convenient with a superior taste and texture. Order a pound or several and we can deliver with your produce and eggs, or again just beef if that's all you need.

Lot's of rain on the farm, over 10 inches in the last 8 days and it's still coming.  So far it hasn't harmed the garden.  Slowed down our summer planting but we can get back on track when things dry out.  We're also scheduled to take the first load of grass fed calves for processing next week for those of you who have reserved your whole or half calf.  Several will get your beef in this load with the rest in July.  The cattle look super with all this rain!  The grass is growing faster than they can eat it.  The only issue might be getting them into the corral and loading and hauling the trailer with all the mud.  We have several options on getting this done and are confident we can make it work rain or shine.

The chicks we hatched last month are doing great.  They are out on pasture now in a roomy coop/cage protecting them from hawks and other predators.  Our turkeys are not hatching well.  They seem to develop in the egg but can't chip out of the shell for some reason.  A couple more sets of eggs are in progress but results so far are disappointing. 

The blackberries are starting to ripen and the grapes look very good so far.  Even have some nectarines ripening on a couple trees.  These would be our first if they make it all the way to harvest.  Other fruit trees have not set fruit this year.  We still have hope for figs which bear later in summer.

Thank you all for your support!  We're growing a lot of food and it would not be near as much fun if we didn't have anyone to share it with.  We're encouraged by the many CSA members who have signed up and those of you who have expressed your excitement over the farm's fresh, natural, tasty produce, eggs, and beef.  Check out some of the recent articles on the website below.  Remember we update our website and Facebook page regularly throughout the week, so drop by those when you can.  Reply if we can help you in any way and we'll get right back to you.


Pasture Raised, Free Range, Organically Fed Eggs Available

Our new hens are just about ready to start laying so we're now taking orders for eggs from these 100% pasture-raised, free range hens.  Never caged or mistreated, they get plenty of sun and shade, fresh water, grass and bugs to eat. Our pastures are all natural, with no chemicals or synthetic fertlizers ever applied. No antibiotics, vaccines, or medicated …

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Seasoned patties ready for the grill

Ground Steak - Our Special Blend Grass Fed Beef

We're now taking orders for weekly delivery or pick-up of our Ground Steak. What is regular "Ground Beef"?  When a cow is processed, the higher quality and larger sections of steak, fajita, brisket, roast, ribs, etc. are cut and packaged individually.  The excess trimmed from these cuts, along with smaller sections not suitable as individual cuts are ground up and packaged as …

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Organic Eliminates Pesticides in Family After 2 Weeks

New study shows dramatic benefits of eating natural, organic food for just 2 weeks.  Pesticides present in this family's bodies were eliminated or greatly reduced.  A typical family switching from standard grocery store products to all organic for 2 weeks.  90 seconds to view - amazing.

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