Turkeys and Pork Ready Soon

We're in the middle of the Fall season of our Farm Share/CSA.  This is week 27 out of 34 weeks total that we're sharing the garden harvest this year.  Thanks again to so many of you who have joined with us this year.

We'll have pasture raised, heritage breed pork and turkey available in November.  We're taking reservations now for the turkeys which will be ready the week before Thanksgiving.  

You can also reserve a half hog. If that's too much for your, we'll also have boxes available with a mix of the most popular cuts, bacon, and sausage.

Both the turkey and pork are limited in supply.  We offered turkeys two years ago.  Our efforts last year to hatch our own were unsuccessful.  This year we have a small flock of birds we bought as hatchlings that are now growing nicely.  But it's a small flock so let us know soon if you'd like to reserve one.

Likewise with the pigs - this is our first year to raise pork so we started with 3 pigs.  So don't wait too long if you are interested.  We plan to expand our pork next year.

See the articles below for more details on the pork and turkeys.  Also please visit the website and our Facebook page for more news and photos of the recent work on the farm.  Thanks so much!

Emily, Michael, Sam, Andrew, Mark, Zach, Anna, Grace
The Blessing Falls Team

Bourbon Red and Spanish Black turkeys at Blessing Falls Farm

2016 Thanksgiving Turkeys

Our turkeys are now 3 months old and out on pasture.  These are heritage breeds - Bourbon Red, Royal Palm, and Spanish Black, like we've raised in the past.  They should be a good size for your Thanksgiving holiday table in a couple months.  As heritage breeds, they won't be huge like some conventionally birds you find at the supermarket. …

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Pasture Raised Pork Available - Fall 2016

Our heritage breed, pastured hogs are about a month away from being ready.  These are the Red Wattle breed and have been raised with full time access to our pastures where they can graze, root, run, and just lay around - to be a true pig.  They are kept in with electrical fencing which we move regularly to give them access …

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