News from Blessing Falls Farm - August 2013

Michael, Emily, and Lily

After a successful spring getting the garden into full production and learning how to sell our harvest at the weekly market, we've been "sweating out" the summer.  With the July rains and August high temperatures in the mere 90's, we're still harvesting quite a lot from the spring and summer garden.  Transition to the fall planting is underway but we're glad to still have plenty of produce in these dog days of the Texas summer.  Current harvests include Eggplant, JalapeƱos, Okra, Black-eyed peas, Cantaloupe, Yellow Squash, Serranos, HabaƱeros, Basil, Asian Eggplant, a few Tomatoes, and Sweet Potato Vine Leaves.  Acorn squash should be ready soon and hopefully more tomatoes will ripen each week as they emerge from dormancy.  Visit us Saturdays 9:00-1:00 at the Farmers Market in downtown Elgin.

Earlier this week we brought back beef from our first farm raised steer.  This animal was born and raised on the farm and was 100% grass fed.  We've tried the ground beef and steaks so far and they've tasted great - roast is thawing for tomorrow's dinner.  See the article below for more details and photos.

To celebrate our first beef, we're giving some away in a special contest.  It's free to enter and the deadline is just a few days away.  All contest details are on the website.  After we finish sampling several different cuts from the steer, we hope to offer some for sale.  We want to make sure the beef is great and that it will meet the high expectations of our customers.  Quality control in this case is one duty we don't mind at all!

That's all for August - time to get back to the field and pasture.  We'll get back to you in September with more garden news and an update on the beef.  You can always check out our website for the latest news, including the weekly harvest details.  And if you have not already entered, don't forget about the beef contest.  Until next month, may the Lord's richest blessings fall upon you and yours!


The Beef is Back!

Just got our grass fed beef back from the butcher and grilled steaks tonight. Great flavor and tender - no off flavors or toughness common to some grass fed beef. We grilled these just like we would any steak.  We purposefully did not want to 'baby' these with special seasoning or slow cooking as some poorly finished grass fed meat ...

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