Available Grass Fed Beef

Current market prices and availability, updated October 2015.
We’re currently sold out of all cuts except liver.  Current CSA members are receiving ground steak through the Fall season as part of their weekly order.

Customers can add these to their produce orders or contact us to purchase from the farm or at one of our delivery locations in Austin, Elgin, Round Rock, or Hutto.

Our cattle are always 100% grass fed with no grain or antibiotics ever fed.  We never treat them with hormones or implants.  All beef is state inspected and vacuum sealed.  It should keep in your freezer for many months.

Whole and half calves are also available for 2016 at a discount to our retail prices.

(all prices per pound)

Ground Steak (1 lb package)                                         $8.50 (sold out)
Ground Beef (1 lb package)                                           $7.50 (sold out)
Tenderized Cutlets (1 to 2 lb package)                        $7.50 (sold out)

Flank/Skirt Steak (for fajitas)                                       $9  (sold out)
Sirloin Steak                                                                     $13 (sold out)
T-Bone Steak                                                                   $16 (sold out)
Ribeye Steak                                                                    $18 (sold out)
New York Strip                                                                $18 (sold out)
Tenderloin (the Filet Mignon cut)                                 $24 (sold out)

Soup Bones (very meaty)                                              $7 (sold out)
Stew Meat (1 lb package)                                              $8 (sold out)
Chuck Roast (approx. 3 pounds, serves 5-7)              $8 (sold out)
Rump Roast (approx. 3 pounds, serves 5-7)              $8 (sold out)

Beef Liver                                                                          $5
Misc Internals (Tongue, Heart, Kidney, OxTail)         $5 (sold out)