Grass Fed Beef: Grilling Steaks and Fajitas


Grass Fed Beef Tenderloin (Filet Mignon) and Fajita, just about ready. These turned out perfect.

When grilling our steaks, the best strategy is ‘hot and quick’. Our grass fed beef is lean and there is no injected solution/water as in supermarket beef so it’s easy to overcook it.

For the 1″ steaks, grill on a very hot grill no more than 8 minutes total, 3 min. on each side then 1 minute on each side. This should bring them to medium rare. After grilling, put in a pan to collect the juices and cover with foil for at least 5 minutes to ‘rest’ the steaks.  Then serve and enjoy.

Some will say grass fed beef is tough so should be cooked ‘low and slow’ – not true for our steaks. Season them with any decent steak seasoning (we use Lawry’s Seasoned Salt) about 30 to 60 minutes before grilling and then grill like you normally would for medium rare.

For the skirt/fajita, we usually marinate several hours in an Italian dressing and grill hot and fast like the prime steaks. When you serve them, be sure to slice them against the grain if you make fajita strips. This is a tougher meat naturally, and slicing with the grain will make it chewy.

Some friends prefer a more well done steak and this beef is wonderfully suited for that as well.  The beef remains tender even though grilled past medium.  Whatever your taste, you should be pleased with our grass fed beef.  If you do prefer a more rare steak, just be sure to tend your grill carefully for the brief minutes the beef is over the heat.


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