Grass Fed Beef For Sale

Over the last few weeks we’ve prepared several cuts of meat from our grass fed steer. Finding all of them tender and tasty, we can now confidently offer this beef for sale.  We’ll bring a few different cuts to the Elgin Farmers Market, located 20 miles east of Austin Texas, starting this week.  All the cuts are state inspected, vacuum sealed, and frozen to last many months in your freezer.

Porterhouse and Ribeye Steaks

Porterhouse, Ribeye Steaks

Chuck Roast

Chuck Roast



Click on the photos above to get a close look at the quality of this 100% grass fed beef.  This marbling of the steaks is not often seen in typical grass fed cattle.  We are careful to raise cattle breeds that perform well on grass alone and we make sure they have plenty of natural forage throughout their lifetime, especially during the critical finishing (fattening) process.  This beef is tender, juicy, and has no ‘wild’ or ‘gamey’ taste.  Bad flavor or tough meat can indicate an animal eating unusual forage or living in stressed conditions.  If you’ve been disappointed with other grass fed beef in the past, we urge you to try some of these cuts and taste the difference.

Here’s a list of what we have, along with the price per pound.  Cuts with an asterisk are those we plan to bring to the market.   We’ll only bring a few of each so contact us before Saturday if you want a specific cut and we’ll set it aside until you get to the market. Also, if you want a cut that’s not marked *, let us know and we’ll bring it and reserve it for you.  We can now take your credit card at the market if you prefer.

(all prices per pound)

Ground Steak (1 lb package)                                         $8.50 *
Ground Beef (1 lb package)                                           $7.50 *
Tenderized Cutlets (1 to 2 lb package)                        $7.50 *

Sirloin Steak                                                                     $13  *
T-Bone Steak                                                                   $16  *
Ribeye Steak                                                                    $18  *
New York Strip                                                                $18  *

Soup Bones (very meaty)                                              $7
Stew Meat (1 lb package)                                              $8
Chuck Roast (approx. 3 pounds, serves 5-7)              $8
Rump Roast (approx. 3 pounds, serves 5-7)              $8

Beef Liver                                                                          $5 *

* we plan to have these available at the Elgin Farmers Market

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