Ground Steak – Our Special Blend Grass Fed Beef

We’re now taking orders for weekly delivery or pick-up of our Ground Steak.

What is regular “Ground Beef”?  When a cow is processed, the higher quality and larger sections of steak, fajita, brisket, roast, ribs, etc. are cut and packaged individually.  The excess trimmed from these cuts, along with smaller sections not suitable as individual cuts are ground up and packaged as ground beef. Some may call this hamburger meat.

How is Blessing Falls “Ground Steak” different from Ground Beef? “Ground Steak” is made by adding cuts from the whole animal –  steak, fajita, brisket, etc. – along with the usual trimmings and grinding in all up together.  The result is a ground beef  that tastes better with a richer texture. Ground Steak is packaged like regular ground beef – frozen in convenient 1 lb packs and will keep for months in your freezer.  It cooks just like regular ground beef – scramble for tacos, make meatballs, hamburger patties, casseroles, etc.

Since Ground Steak includes the better, more expensive cuts it costs slightly more than regular ground beef.  Customers agree the better taste is worth the extra expense.  And since it’s always from our family farm-raised, 100% grass fed cattle, with no antibiotics, implants, or hormones you know you’re getting the best nutrition and most natural beef available.  Sign up to have this beef delivered as part of your weekly CSA produce and eggs order or just get the beef.  We can deliver even if you’re not home and you have the option to defer weekly delivery of beef when you’re out of town.  Our regular price is $8.50 a pound, CSA members get a discount at $8.00.

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Seasoned patties ready for the grill

Seasoned patties ready for the grill


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