CSA/Farm Share Sign-up: Produce, Eggs, Beef

You like to eat good food and we like to farm and grow good food – let’s work together! Blessing Falls LLC is a family farm located east of Austin and invites you to join our farm share CSA serving the greater Austin area in 2017.  The harvest and share deliveries began in March and continued through mid July, pausing during August and September, and resuming for October and November.

October 4 Update: We are sold out of Fall Farm Shares right now.  You can submit the form below to be added to the waiting list, in case we have a greater harvest than expected.

*Special for Fall 2017* since the fall harvest is more unpredictable than spring and summer, we are offering a refund for any produce we’re unable to provide.  Harvest will vary some each week but we hope it will average out so that you get your money’s worth. However, if the season ends earlier than expected or the harvest is lighter than expected, we’ll refund for any undelivered produce or you can get extra beef and eggs to make up the difference.  We’re also offering “mini” shares at $20 which are a little smaller than our usual half share that costs $24.  And you can get 2 ‘mini’ shares for $36, a $4 discount, if you need produce for a larger family.

You can join and start your membership at any time during the season.

Two Full Shares from mid Summer 2016

Two Full Shares from mid Summer 2016

Read how our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) partnership works and then simply submit the form below.   You pay nothing now but we’ll email you back to confirm our partnership and send details on how to make your membership payment.  If you have questions, please contact us or just fill out as much of this form as you can and we’ll get back to you for the rest of your information.

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Available October 4 Through November 15 - Join anytime
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Eggs: Pasture-raised on Organic/Non-GMO feed
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CSA Members $6/dozen, 50c off the regular price
Ground Beef, 100% Grass Fed Beef
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CSA Members $8.00/lb, 50c off our regular price
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