Contest Winner Is…


Born and raised on our farm, this 25 month old steer weighed 1090 pounds just before getting on the trailer to the butcher.

Congratulations to Dwayne, winner of our first ‘Win the Beef’ contest.  Two dozen contestants sent us their guess for the live weight of the farm raised steer that we recently had butchered.  His guess was only 13 pounds off of the actual weight of 1090 pounds. Dwayne takes the prize of 2 pounds of 100% grass fed ground beef from this steer.

We will soon have beef from this same steer available for sale.  We’re working on getting a scale and a portable freezer for our booth at the Elgin Farmers Market  while we continue to sample various cuts ourselves.  So far, everything has tasted great. If you’d like the latest information on purchasing our grass fed beef please subscribe to the newsletter.

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