Pasture Raised, Free Range, Organically Fed Eggs Available


Natural pasture for the best tasting, most nutritious, healthiest eggs

Our new hens are just about ready to start laying so we’re now taking orders for eggs from these 100% pasture-raised, free range hens.  Never caged or mistreated, they get plenty of sun and shade, fresh water, grass and bugs to eat. Our pastures are all natural, with no chemicals or synthetic fertlizers ever applied. No antibiotics, vaccines, or medicated feed have ever been given to these chickens, from their hatching throughout their entire life. In addition to natural pasture and bugs, the chickens are given 100% organic, non-GMO, fresh, nutritious feed from Elgin’s Coyote Creek feed mill.

Our egg quality is among the highest in the nation and yet cost less than comparable eggs at your natural or organic grocer. We also offer convenient delivery to your home or workplace.  And our eggs are fresher than store-bought eggs – some gathered the day before you get them. Most importantly, those of you who have had our eggs know that there is truly the best tasting egg to be found.

We offer the eggs as a weekly subscription, just as CSA produce shares are offered now. You can add eggs to your weekly produce order or just get eggs. Available throughout the greater Austin area, we can deliver even if you’re not home and you have the option to defer your weekly delivery of eggs when you’re out of town. The eggs are $6.50 per dozen. CSA members price is $5.75 when you buy 2 dozen or more weekly – a 12% discount. The CSA price for a single dozen is $6.00.

With our older smaller flock, we’ve been sold out of eggs for a long time. We hope you’ll take advantage of this new opportunity and sign up today!

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